Beaches Oregon by Barbra Edwards
November 30 2012
Three for the Road

We’ve just returned from a adventurous road trip; down the coast of the U.S. through Washington, Oregon and California. The third party on the trip was our Standard Poodle, who unfortunately will not be invited again. That is a whole other story, but suffice to say she hates to travel by car!

Washington was wet this time of year, so we quickly dropped down into Oregon where I’d never been before. Loved their miles and miles of beaches with huge rock formations lunging out of the sea. Further along the coast there were sand dunes so high you almost couldn’t walk them! It’s a state that does serious logging, apparently even in it’s State Parks.

California gave us much needed warmer weather, the crashing surf I love so dearly and lot’s of delicious organic food. Yum! I spent afternoons painting on the beaches, going for long walks, reading the NY Times weekend addition (which we don’t get on our island) and painting. I absorb and observe in the cities. A visual treat was a visit to the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

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