Canadian artist Harold Klunder visits Barbra Edwards West Coast studio
August 1 2013
Harold Klunder Visits The West Coast

The chaos of my island studio has been calmed and simplified; canvas frames stored, books piled in some kind of order, bits and pieces of ideas on paper filed...I can actually see the corners of my studio again. My friend and mentor Harold Klunder arrives next week to teach a Master Class to thirteen painters here at my island studio. I’m delighted to have Harold here as his experience and insight is a treasure trove with which each artist can draw from. He doesn’t demonstrate but rather his style is to work one-on-one, offering fresh perspective and astute observations of a person’s work. He seems to slide into their being and see together with them, no matter what type of painting he is observing. Each time I’ve been fortunate to work with Harold my paintings always have a shift to another level over the next period of time.  

This next week will consist of complete artistic immersion for each of us. It’s 24/7 creative discussion about art books, film, absorbing and understanding each others work. Oh and did I mention grazing on the sublime summer harvest? With fresh produce from Raven Rock Farm and the talented cooking by chef Colleen Hamilton, we are set for the best time ever.

 Can you tell I’m excited? The chaos of artists creating is about to begin!

 PS: Some people don’t realize that if you click on any text with coloured (in this case green) letters it will bring you more information on that subject. Just sayin'   So try it, click on the green Harold Klunder

Here is a taste of what you’ll find on the internet about Klunder. One of Canada’s most celebrated painters, he is well known for his richly textured, complex abstract canvases that are built up slowly over time. He has exhibited constantly for over 30 years, and is in the permanent collections of the National Gallery of Canada, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Art Gallery of Ontario, The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and more... 

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